Why I became an activist

Lately a lot of people have been asking me what I do with my life, I ask myself that every day and I would like to answer once and for all, at least to have a link to share instead of repeating everything again.

Quote by Martin Luther King Jr: "those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war"

I want to change the world, that’s the only thing I’ve had clear since I was a child, when I looked at adults behaving in a violent, distorted manner. I saw we, the kids, where much more calmed and riper in judgment than the average person, and that a child with bad temper, anger, or “bad” was basically a copy of his/her environment. But we were not born this way.

Since I was a small boy I had constantly being ignored for being "too young” and that has been perhaps the most difficult burden that I’ve had to carry. As I look back, I was not wrong; it was a huge hindrance not to have those years to presume by. Today that no longer applies, nor the famous title which I am close to completing, nor the judgment of having reached nothing in life. It was never really valid, but at least the rest have been left without pretext.

As I said: I want to change the world, and that outlook is profoundly clear to me. I had all kinds of frustrations in my head and necessity to do something about it was always evident, but once you find the solutions, the battle becomes inescapable.

Today 21,000 children starved to death, which means that every 4 seconds a child dies of hunger. Count it out slowly 1, 2, 3... and again: 1, 2, 3... The son of someone exactly like you has been starving for at least a week, his stomach has burned on the inside, his body has eaten itself, his skin has frozen, his muscles disappeared, his brain turned anxious, confused, desperate, lost, he can barely breathe, and finally he dies in continual agony.

Every day 200 species disappear, we will never see them again, nor ever learn from them. Part of the only home we have will be consumed, making our home smaller and smaller; war will continue, and someone will see their husband or wife come back in pieces over a stretcher. Why wouldn’t I want to change the world?

I constantly hear people lamenting over an empty meaningless life and every time I ask, there is always a dream that went unfulfilled, generally altruistic, or of personal development, that innate curiosity that we force ourselves to ignore.

That’s why I do what I do, not just because I know the problem, and because my empathy doesn’t allow me to ignore it, but because I know about the solution, about the impact of its application, about how irrelevant the obstacles that exist become. I am not a romantic; I don’t want a better world for my kids… I want a better world for my family, for the person that is in the room next door, for the being that has to pick food from the trash, even when you don’t know it, for those who die in starvation, for those who think that they are alone in this fight. You are my family.

I do what I do not because it is easy but it is worth, because only a deep comprehension of our problems, their solutions and the way that people behaves, on their own and as a group, will take us to a better place in the future. I teach not for necessity but for solidarity, because a family with members in discord is incomplete. Who hasn’t lived it?

I am homesick, I want to sleep peacefully, accompanied, with no troubles in my head, with the certainty that I receive all the help I can get, without doubting for a second that the people that take care of me are keeping an eye on me, I long to have something new to learn everyday, something to satisfy my curiosity and finally, I desire to rest pretty aware that we all consciously share the same feeling.

Will you give me a hand?


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