YOU are The Zeitgeist Movement

What is The Zeitgest Movement?

If you are interested in helping, well then YOU are The Zeitgeist Movement. If you feel a strong identification with the proposals presented in our materials and you would love to see this shift happening, this is our best answer.

Very often a lot of people approach the movement with the hope of finding a very organized structure put into place in order to make this change possible. This is partially true. It is true that our main interest is to build a resource-based economic model, however those behind the organization are regular people, just like you are, with occupations and a 'real life' to attend, therefore we rely heavily on the individual commitment to make this project move forward.

We are still organizing ourselves; remember, we want all mankind to be part of this beautiful human project. If I had to use a metaphor, I would say that we are like a newly fertilized egg that multiplies to give life to something new; we are just a few cells, and we must expand. At the cellular level information is shared by compounds such as DNA in complex processes. We must serve - at least for now - the same function: to transfer information.

How to?

Listen. We have often said that to change this world, a basic agreement on a scientific approach that allows us to provide plenty to humans and live with the other species on a healthy planet will suffice... empathy is key in this process, to understand each other, to understand how we think, how we feel. Listening is essential in this process; it will give you the experience to know how to communicate this concept to others.

Ask others about their appreciation of technology, how it generates unemployment; find out if they are curious about the origin of money, what they think about equality, how much love they have for science. Doing this is a very good strategy to understand what ground you are standing on; you will meet at first hand with the 'zeitgeist' which is a word to describe how people think and feel about their world.

Time to expand

Wouldn't you love to have many friends who understand this world? How would you feel if you could make another person smile every time you share your dreams? I tell you, it's great. It is not as effective to tell a person about a RBEM if you are not included in the scenario; that's what brought you here in the very first place - the conviction that you could develop yourself better in a world like the one we have presented. It is this momentum that will help you be sincere with others and explain why this seems important and what are the advantages of this.

The goal is not to convince others that 'this is the right thing', but to explore your dreams and aspirations for your future, your family and your society. As you delve into this you will allow yourself to know yourself, you will seek ways to gestate your own projects and in fact, you literally become the Zeitgeist Movement. And if you do well, you connect respectfully with the dreams and aspirations of others. Little by little we will not only transmit information, but gradually begin to shape the culture to a whole new approach that allows the development of a new society.

Time to change?

So, when do we exactly change from 'just talking' to people and begin to change the game rules? It's something you have to decide personally and you can quickly define it by asking people who are around you, who are key players in society. Again the key here is to listen. To take a simple example, pretend that this is a soccer game and suddenly a fan gets on the field to say that everyone should have at least ten balls and arches so that everyone can satisfy their need to score a goal. What would you do? Well, that is more or less the same thing people would do if you try to propose something new without explaining the concept previously. It is ultimately your decision, but remember that, at least as the Zeitgeist Movement, we want to include all humanity in this and hope that this transformation lasts (that's the basic concept of sustainability).

This is not about the whole world having an agreement, literally, but we need at least a structured committed majority willing to take action within society, and here you will understand why the movement still thinks we are in an early stage of our social evolution, based on the accumulated experience of the past few years of activism.

Being part of the group activities

People like you surely invented something to make this move to expand; you may be interested or may be not, but it's always good to listen. So to figure this out, contact your local group by the corresponding links in your region. Remember, if you do not find them:

A. - They are there but you cannot find them, you can follow the trail from here
B. - They do not exist, and it would be nice for you to provide some info for those around you. That is what we typically suggest for starting a chapter

Good luck in your discovery. :)


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