TZM Together: A Support Group and my experience in the Socio-Economic system

Since finding about the Zeitgeist Movement in December 2010, I have undergone some significant changes in my life, especially the worldview aspect and to a lesser extent, lifestyle changes as well. I told my family and friends about TZM and what we advocate, and my friends tended to accept it more than my parents.

More recently, I read an online semi-fiction/autobiography story by Tomi Astikainen (Lessons From A Moneyless Life) called "The Sunhitcher", which is about his experience hitchhiking throughout Europe completely without money. Tomi was another major influence that led me to attempt a similar lifestyle, but did so unsuccessfully due to a lack of confidence and social connections.

When I was younger, I had been taught that being independent was an important part of life. My parents had left home shortly after they graduated high school and were able to support themselves thereafter. Unfortunately for me, I haven't been able to be fully independent since graduating from high school in 2005. I'm now 26 and should have been on my own a long time ago. But due to the recent economic situation I have been completely dependent on my parents financially, and as a result, my feeling of guilt has increased. The attempt at a money-less lifestyle was an attempt to alleviate it. A friend in Portland reminded me that no one can be technically independent, which is what I had learned from TZM as well: Life is symbiotic. It also depends on the context of the word "independent".

As a response to this, I recently founded a project called "TZMTogether: A Support Group" for people who are dealing with similar life situations. The goal of the project is to create comfortable places where TZM supporters and non-supporters can talk about anything that is on our minds that we wouldn't otherwise discuss in public. The goal is to start small, and as interest and membership grows, a website with links to city chapters will be created where people can meet in person. In the meantime, TeamSpeak will be utilized. All of this will be subject to change since it will be an emergent project.

I wish everyone well and hope to find this support group helpful.

TZMTogether on Facebook (login required:)