The Inclusive Democracy Movement

Inclusive Democracy is an international project/ movement that seems to be almost identical to TZM. The movement was co-founded by professor Takis Fotoupolos. It seems to have chapters and related activities in at least 6-9 countries, including the US and the UK, and some of its educational materials are available in several "foreign" languages in addition to English.

From reading the ID movement's Wikipedia webpage, viewing some of their video lectures (recommended, for example: parts 1 - 4 of this), reading the materials posted on their main website, studying some of the freely-available articles, all peer-reviewed, in their journal the International Journal of Inclusive Democracy, and reading the freely-available book Towards An Inclusive Democracy, it seems there is a great deal of overlap between the ID movement and TZM.

The only two potential differences between IDM and TZM that I could see are: (1) they call for the use of vouchers (which could easily lead to reversion back to a class-based society; however, IDM seems to be strongly opposed to all classicism and stratification), and (2) I could not find much reference to science and technology in the ID materials. In my view, this does not necessarily imply they discount the importance of science and technology. There could be many reasons for not emphasizing science and technology - perhaps a temporary lack of sufficient awareness of the tremendous and exponentially increasing capabilities of S & T? (And it's also possible their call for vouchers may be related to this issue of awareness.)

I think TZM and IDM could benefit from considering the possibility of collaborating, partnering, sharing or otherwise working together in some fashion. What do you think? Looking forward to reading your comments.


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