While We Sleep

The Zeitgeist Movement, with several hundred thousand members worldwide, is one of the most organized and successful grass roots movements on the planet today. Yet the truth is, until membership reaches numbers at least 2,000 times that and until every individual member is committed to and focused on pursuing one simple common goal, there will never be any real hope of effective change.

If this is upsetting to you...then good! Maybe this will motivate all of us to start working on an effective strategy. The success of this community to date, though very impressive, is less than a tenth of 1% of the progress required to accomplish even the simplest of the goals we've set. These realities may be difficult to read, but I am only interested in discussing the reality of the situation. Without an accurate idea of where we are, we cannot hope to get to where we need to go.

The problem and the ultimate solution have been identified clearly and completely... However, the path between the two is more abstract and elusive today than ever before. I am not saying this to criticize. I am saying it to motivate. We have an opportunity to awaken the world to the severity of our problems and the gravity of our future but this will not happen without first establishing a simple and concise objective that everyone can understand, commit to and move toward. Otherwise, we will simply be seen as another source of stress, frustration and helplessness in the media.

So, my question for you is this. What should our first tangible objective be? This is something we must all decide on together, but I will start the discussion with a suggestion. Eradicate starvation and homelessness worldwide! It doesn't get much simpler or more concise. Additionally, it is hard to argue with, even for the notorious 1%, at least publicly. If this sounds like a hurdle too high to begin with, then pick either and isolate it to one geographic region. Where we start is not nearly as important as whether or not we do, in fact, start.

Here is what I believe we must first realize: There are approximately 7 billion people on the planet. One billion are so impoverished that their only objective is basic survival. Seventy million are so greedy that they are incapable of caring for anyone but themselves. Subtract infants and the severely infirm and we are left with approximately 4-5 billion potential members. Assuming half of which are so attached to the identity the MACHINE has created for them, they would rather die miserable than admit they are living a lie, that leaves us with 2.5 billion, optimistically. So, what objective will 7 billion people be unable to disagree with? And more importantly, what action will a third of them be willing to sign on to, move toward and have a reasonable chance of accomplishing? These are the parameters that the first actionable objective must operate within.

The most difficult challenge I foresee is; first, our tendency to not listen to each other and second, the lack of sensitivity we feel toward the plight of our brothers and sisters. I am not referring to existing members who have obviously overcome these personal character flaws. However, the billions of walking dead, whom we hope to awaken most definitely suffer these two serious defects. That is why I feel the first tangible objective we communicate to them must be simple, concise and indisputable.

This also requires a message powerful enough to jerk the average person out of their coma. My personal message to everyone is this... "Your brothers and sisters are being slaughtered by the MACHINE while you sleep, so wake up because you are next!" How is that for a tag line? Not your typical billboard slogan, is it? The persuasion of no less than one-sixth of humanity to wake up and get behind one clear objective is what it will take for our chance of taking the first positive step down the path of transition to succeed.

These ideas are simply my attempt to get our community moving from a positive conversation to an actionable objective. My personal style of communication often tends toward the overtly abrasive and dramatic when discussing that which I am passionate about. This approach is likely not the most agreeable one... However, I am quite certain that one of you will come up with an objective and a message we can all approve of. The future of humanity is undeniably dependent on our collective ability to pursue a purpose of such clarity that no one can possibly doubt it.


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Yep, right after I help one more person understand.

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