How Can You Change the World Yourself?

People often feel helpless regarding how to truly effect change in the world. Here are a few concrete examples you can incorporate in your day-to-day lives. If millions of people around the world would utilize these basic ideas we could shift into a new paradigm.

What can you do now to change the world? (Hint: you want to stop supporting the current system - erode it from within really. Sorry, there’s no quick fix.)

1. Avoid getting into debt in the first place, or get out of debt. (Enslavement, if you really think about it.)

2. Avoid paying interest. (Pay off your credit card on time.)

3. Move your bank accounts to a local credit union. (It's true that corporations and banks run the world.)

4. Don’t buy anything when you don’t have the money. (Minus basic life necessities, but then again, if you need to use CREDIT for that, something is really wrong; don’t you think you should re-evaluate how you operate?)

5. Don’t buy things you don’t need. (Do you really have time to use all the stuff you have right now? Who are you trying to impress? Materialism provides only brief superficial happiness.)

6. Support local family-owned stores and products. (It makes no sense to produce a product in another continent and have it shipped here, damaging the environment in the process, it might be more expensive, but hey, you want to make a change right?)

7. Support companies that don’t support negative legislations or actions. (This is challenging with companies that own many others, but concentrate your efforts.)

8. DO NOT vote for any parties that support our current paradigm. (Guess who's left?)

9. Support alternative sources of energy and transport. (Try to save up to become self-sustainable, get off the grid gradually with a mix of solar, geothermal, wind or whatever is appropriate given your geographical location.)

10. Critically analyze all information and have the strength of character to accept being proven wrong when other evidence becomes available. (Support reliable sources of information.)

11. Spread information about movements advocating true sustainability (TZM, TVP). (If you doubt the validity of some information, do challenge it; critically analyze information; think for yourself.)

12. "Become the change you want to see in this world". - Gandhi (Everyone wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change…)

13. Educate yourself (Khan Academy, etc.) and other people. (You don’t need to attend an expensive university to be a well-rounded, down-to-earth human being who possesses a large grasp on the world; Stanford and other universities are opening their lectures to the public.)

14. Become active, join a chapter (TZM, TVP... the names are irrelevant, we just need a term to group all the information under one train of thought) and provide whatever strengths you have. (Example: a music band spreading the values and ideas - there’s so many creative angles you can use in your approach by integrating the concepts advocated into your daily life to make people question the world.)

15. Make time. If you have time to watch TV or play videos games, play sports or go partying, you can sacrifice some time for a greater purpose: helping others, your community - this will help you in the long run and give you true happiness.


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