Jason Silva at TZM Interviews

TZM Interviews is a new form of dialog that brings proactive, visionary and inspiring people into this conversation about cutting edge technology applied to global sustainability and how effectively change the world. This month our guest is Jason Silva, he has been described as "part Timothy Leary, part Ray Kurzweil, and part Neo from The Matrix".

Jason, Many would say we have reached a tipping point regarding evolution and now it's mostly in our hands decide how our future will be, we -as a global society- can do great things: end poverty and starvation, radically open science, clothe everyone on the planet, practically end with 95% of our current jobs, however we have prefered not to do so... Why?

Peter Diamandis has written a best selling book called ABUNDANCE that maps an entirely new way to think about scarcity and abundance... firstly. Progress is exponential and so we need to be thinking exponentially... We need to leverage exponentially emerging technologies to solve the grand challenges of humanity... and we will.. Humanity has always transcended its boundaries -and with better tools, greater boundaries will be transcended. There is also this issue of Scarcity-- but actually Scarcity is CONTEXTUAL and technology is a RESOURCE-LIBERATING Mechanism.

Your video Radical Openness was presented at the main event of our last Zeitgeist Media Festival, which is a global action to actually change the world to a new paradigm of cutting edge technology applied to global sustainability using art. It was simply amazing... What's your advice for the performing philosophers of our time trying to reach a wider audience?

I think people respond to genuine passion and to aesthetically relevant delivery.. Big ideas transform the world- but in order to do so they need to REACH people- and that means that DELIVERY matters! Pay attention to how you 'package' ideas.

Ideas have this organism-like behaviour, and now we need to thrive the best ones in order to create a better (some would say decent) world. What ideas do you think we should let go in order to move forward as society?

I think we need to transcend religion... particularly when it interferes with modernity and progress. Religion is a cultural technology that we need to transcend. There are more interesting things worth believing in.

How do you make such great videos? Any DIY advice?

I grew up watching films.. I live and breathe in cinematic language... We've never had such tools to create media-- I say leverage this opportunity! The barrier to entry has been lowered!

Scientific literacy is a real deficit in our society... Let's say you could coordinate a massive action from half million people around the world to fix (or at least improve) that situation, how would you do that?

CROWDSOURCE IT! I read recently that Kickstarter raised more money last year than national endowments for the arts! The people are transcending government. Steven Johnson's new book FUTURE PERFECT talks about "PEER PROGRESSIVES" = people who understand the power of peer networks to solve grand problems. Wikipedia is a great example.

We are 50 years ahead our time. Singularity is here. You are making a video of it as a historical record for kids, explaining what happened in the transition and the core concepts of it. What's on your mind?

Too many things to list here-- right now I'm on this wonderful rising tide of spreading inspiration and wonder, the seeds for transformation!

Finally we ask this question to all of our interviewees. How would you respond The Big Question?

I am interested in creating narratives that can transform people's consciousnesses about what is possible. By creating rhapsodic, inspired techno-anthems, I am hopeful that people will find themselves jolted out of their comfort zones and open to radically new ideas. I am interested in inspiration and possibilities as an antidote to existential despair. McKenna said "Culture is your operating system"... well I'm trying to upgrade our operating system through my short films!

If you want to find out more about Jason Silva, please visit THISISJASONSILVA.COM as well as VIMEO.COM/JASONSILVA and follow him on Twitter @JASONSILVA

Jason will be hosting a new TV Series in the spring for National Geographic called BRAIN GAMES, stay tuned!


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Sat, 10/06/2012 - 8:12pm | I hope we have enough time (Score: 2 Interesting)
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I hope we have enough time for these ideas to usher in a new paradigm where all needs are met. Do you support a Resource Based Economy? Almost everyone around me is stuck in the old monetary paradigm. They are brainwashed zombies of corporate media. It is well known that at least a generation must pass before new ideas become an accepted norm. But do we have a generation before those in power destroy Mother Earth?

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 4:54pm | "I think we need to transcend (Score: 2 Insightful)
max871's picture


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"I think we need to transcend religion".
yes i think is important to do. Moreover i think there is another behaviour to transcend. It's the idea of "Competition". It's not only a Monetary paradigm idea, but it's also an "human instinct" that we have to fight inside ourselves.

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 8:13pm | Max, competition is certainly (Score: 1)
Sat, 04/06/2013 - 10:14am | Express gratitude you for (Score: 1)