***Please Note***
We are still in the process of granting various chapter coordinators the necessary access to their respective calendars, so your local calendars should start filling up with events shortly. If you need to add an event to your calendar, please contact your chapter coordinator. If you are a coordinator and need access to your Location's calendar, please contact with "Calendar Access - [Location]" in the subject. (Your access request may need to be confirmed by the International or US Chapter coordinator so please only submit the request if you are an official coordinator, and believe that you are documented as such in the Chapter Administration records, on your Chapter's Website, or in verifiable e-mail correspondences.) Be advised that this is specifically for the regional calendars listed on the right. The Global/Team calendar (below) will be updated by the International Coordinator, Core Teams, and various Blog administrators as needed. Thank you for your patience!

(And don't worry... once all of the boring administrative stuff is complete, you'll be able to easily stay connected with everything going on in your community, from street activism, to film screenings, to just-for-fun meet & greets, like members getting together for pizza or coffee! =)

***Please Note***

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Calendar Tools:
Worldclockbuddy (easy-to-use World Clock, customizable)
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