Transition: Efficient Productivity in a Digital Human Resource-based Hybrid Economy

Transition: Efficient Productivity in a Digital Human Resource-based Hybrid Economy


“The position of the artist if humble. He is essentially a channel.” - Piet Mondrian

On August 20th, 2013 I released to the public a fully functioning prototype for a project that I’ve been developing for nearly 5 years. I believe this project could greatly benefit from constructive feedback and assistance, so therefore I am addressing the only group I am aware of that is overall, the most likeminded to my values: The Zeitgeist Movement.

TZM Italy | 3D Printers for a better world!

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Let's figure out to have at home, in the office or at school a revolutionary, environmentally friendly device which is useful in daily life and allows to save money and to stimulate our creativity.
Everyone knows what a printer is, but very few know that there are now 3D printers, and even less people know that some of them are Open Source and that nowadays the most advanced models of these printers have come to the point of being able to print almost anything: even houses and human organs!

The Zeitgeist Movement Italy and Open Source Ecology Italy plan to build two 3D Open Source printers to be used for demonstrations in public and private schools of Naples and Milan, in order to raise awareness on public's opinion on the collaborative Open Source philosophy.

TZM Italy | 3D Printer stand's official report

TZM Italy | 3D Printer stand's official report

Photo gallery of the event


Hello dear friends.

On September 7th and 8th, we held an extremely successful promotional weekend. From every point of view, we were surprised by the number of curious fellow citizens who wanted a closer look at our RepRap, which spawned varied reactions of positive surprise, doubts and criticisms about socioeconomic changes that allow this technology to come to fruition - of course, all under the banner of The Zeitgeist Movement and the technological advantages of a Resource-Based Economy, such as:

Out-and-out liars or Outliers?

Out-and-out liars or Outliers?

Often heard in our modern tale of triumph, like Perseus slaying Medusa, is the glossy version of a business person who has beat all odds to become the most successful, most imitated, and ultimately, the most wealthy in their field. Heavy books are written about them—can you go into a bookstore without having Steve Jobs stare you down? The almighty business heroes comprise the bulk of our mythos that feed the global capitalist imagination. Warren Buffet. Oprah. Bill Gates. They don’t even need a full sentence because you already know their stories.

Zeitgeist Global Connect: Advance Notice of New Web Platform

Zeitgeist Global Connect is a new web platform being developed to harness the potential power of our distributed activist community by enabling communication and collaboration as a connected network of chapters, teams and individuals, in accordance with the aims and principles of the Zeitgeist Movement.

Project Outline

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