Free Will and Mastering your Environment

Free Will and Mastering your Environment

Does the environment create the man, or does the man create his environment?

As many scientific studies show, the environment we grow up in affects the type of person we become--from our genes to our personality to our looks. The foods we eat and our emotional responses to certain events in our lives also shape us. This may seem to thwart the whole “free will” argument, and to a greater or lesser extent it does. Thieves, murderers, rapists, and the like are brought up in an environment where such behaviors can occur.

Wall-E, People would be Fat and Lazy?

One of the questions I get asked fairly often when positing the ideas of a society where no one needs to work is in relation to the Pixar movie, Wall-E. I am asked, "Wouldn't we end up just like the people in Wall-E if we didn't have to work?"

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