A Dietary Value Change Required

A Dietary Value Change Required

Part of our transition towards a saner, sustainable society involves a shift in our human values. The Zeitgeist Movement recognizes this -- that, in addition to an upheaval in our economic infrastructure, our values must change accordingly in conjunction. Neither can happen without the other. I think a shift in our dietary habits and values is an absolutely necessary part of this overall value shift to a saner, more humane society.

TZM Italy | 3D Printer stand's official report

TZM Italy | 3D Printer stand's official report

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Hello dear friends.

On September 7th and 8th, we held an extremely successful promotional weekend. From every point of view, we were surprised by the number of curious fellow citizens who wanted a closer look at our RepRap, which spawned varied reactions of positive surprise, doubts and criticisms about socioeconomic changes that allow this technology to come to fruition - of course, all under the banner of The Zeitgeist Movement and the technological advantages of a Resource-Based Economy, such as:

Free Will and Mastering your Environment

Free Will and Mastering your Environment

Does the environment create the man, or does the man create his environment?

As many scientific studies show, the environment we grow up in affects the type of person we become--from our genes to our personality to our looks. The foods we eat and our emotional responses to certain events in our lives also shape us. This may seem to thwart the whole “free will” argument, and to a greater or lesser extent it does. Thieves, murderers, rapists, and the like are brought up in an environment where such behaviors can occur.

Homebrewing During the Zompocalypse: Reflections on Sanity and Relationship in the Face of a Real Meltdown

Homebrewing During the Zompocalypse: Reflections on Sanity and Relationship in the Face of a Real Meltdown

In addition to the many things that make me who I am, I am also an avid home brewer and beer enthusiast. I love thinking, talking about, brewing, sharing and drinking all sorts of beers. I’m also interested in how and when society might fall. An odd twosome to write about, I admit. But they say that beer helped usher in modern society, so while contemplating the elixir which brought us The Beginning, why not also muse on its role in The End?

The Ghost in the Machine

The Ghost in the Machine phrase was invented by philosopher Gilbert Ryle as a way to describe René Descartes' mind-body dualism. In his book The Concept of Mind Ryle ridiculed the belief that the psyche somehow functions independent of the physical body -according to Decartes and all dualists thereafter, the mind is not subject to mechanical laws, it is not even in space, hence the immaterial soul governing the mechanistic body, the Ghost in the Machine.

Peak Flexibility

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Attaining Intellectual Wealth vs. Hoarding Material Possessions

In this frenzied world we live in, where society is in a mad pursuit for wealth, it would do humanity a world of good if we slowed down a bit in order to realize the impact that this pursuit is having on us, on all that is living, on our planet, our home. On a very small scale, it is almost analogous to a television series I was watching with a good friend of mine, Hoarders. Here we have individuals, affected by a condition of perplexity and bewilderment to the extent that they cannot comprehend how their hoarding is affecting the living conditions in their home.

Wall-E, People would be Fat and Lazy?

One of the questions I get asked fairly often when positing the ideas of a society where no one needs to work is in relation to the Pixar movie, Wall-E. I am asked, "Wouldn't we end up just like the people in Wall-E if we didn't have to work?"

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