General Site Usage and Navigation

Note: Some menus and options are subject to change as the site is maintained and updated, and certain features are added or removed. As such, some of your screens may vary from this tutorial, but the overall process and general navigation should remain the same.

Welcome to the Zeitgeist Movement Official Blog, the Movement's online Newsletter, and your tool for contributing, as well as staying connected and informed.

To get the most out of this interface, you'll want to register on the site. Click Log in/Create account and you can either create a brand new account just for the TZM Official Blog, or you can simply log in using one of your existing Social Media accounts.

Content & Participation
As a registered user, you will be able to submit Chapter Reports, Editorials, Project Updates, creative writing, and more! For detailed information on what kind of content to submit and how it contributes to the Newsletter, click on the How-To tab, and review the Submission Guidelines. For instructions on how to submit content, check out the Quick Video Tutorial, or read the instructions below it for additional help.

You will also be able to view and comment on published content from other users, covering a wide range of topics from Arts & Entertainment to Economics, Politics, Science, Technology, and much more. To learn about how your participation affects your Karma, whether through submissions or commenting, read the Comment Moderation FAQ, under How-to.

Submission Types & Categories
For a complete list of available Submission Types and Categories, check out the navigation menu on the right. You can click on any of these terms to jump straight to a list of all of its published content. If you're looking to catch up on a specific Project, or a Meeting that you missed, the Project Updates and Meeting Minutes have an additional drop-down to filter the results by Team.

Keyword Search
To do a standard search by keyword, you can use the Search bar at the top, which will also look for terms within the body. From there you can refine your search using the Advanced search feature.

Site Map
For a full list of available content sorted by tags and other criteria, visit the Site Map, which you can use to target specific content. For example, if you live in California and want to catch up on relevant news in your area, click on your Location from the Site Map. The results will show related submissions published in chronological order, and you now have a dynamic version of what would essentially be your Zeitgeist Movement California Newsletter, including chapter updates, and other local news.

In addition to the Site Map, the Dashboard is another way to sort through Published content by more than one criterion, using the drop-downs as filters, but mainly, it's your tool for managing and tracking your own submissions. From here you can access your Saved Drafts and track the status of items that you've submitted as they go through the approval and publishing process.

Account Management
To manage your User Profile and other information, click on Account. From the Account view you can see your Profile, History of Blog activity, and your Karma. Click on Edit to change your Account information such as your e-mail address, password, or photo, or click on 'user profile' to edit your biography and websites.

Other Tools
Remember, anytime you want to get back to the front page, simply click on The Zeitgeist Movement Official Blog at the top. That should just about cover the basics, but if you have other questions, you can find more information in the How-to section. To learn more about the Zeitgeist Movement, click on the About Us tab, and you can also visit our other official websites using the convenient toolbar located along the top.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the site!