Shift the Paradigm, Election 2012

Ok, (sorry about the language) but, fuck it! I’m going to propose something very major. At a time like this, there really isn’t much to lose. In a radio address not long ago, PJ was doing some Q & A and one of the questions was would he ever run for president? He said he would not, but that he would support someone running on the RBE platform (and I realize Scott Keller is already trying something similar). He said essentially, that he would be curious to see how far it would, what kind of reaction it would get. Well this is what I want to do – Basically run for office. Not as an individual, but with a group of people who support and would work towards an RBE.

This wouldn’t be just Americans, but people from all over the world – TZM advocates, TVP advocates, scientists, economists (for the transition), engineers, artists, etc. It could be something like the World Efficiency Sustainability Preservation Council. Keep in mind, I wouldn’t expect we would win, but even if it gave us a chance to debate against politicians to show how obsolete their thinking is, and get some awareness into the minds of millions, it would be worth it. Worth it because too many are hurting, starving, stressed, and depressed from such an outdated structure. It would be a good time because of all the people across the world that rallied to challenge this system. Those people always watch our elections with heavy interest. Lastly, I would to try to do this with as little money as possible.

As we all now know, it’s not really a democracy if money influences your position. We should reinforce to this to the public as our votes should be about the concerns of the betterment of the planet on multiple levels, as to ensure positive health and well-being for all life. I think people would hear this now more than ever with so many being so, so poor and desperate for something that will actually help them.

Here are some things I would propose as part of the race. This is a summary that I will elaborate on later, but you will get the general idea –

The Economy

If we were "elected", we would propose transitioning to a Resource Based Economy. I realize it would not be possible to do this immediately, but through a transition. From my research, it would seem that the questionable creation of the Federal Reserve, The Federal Income Tax, IRS fear and intimidation tactics, The application of interest, control of the health care industry and their restriction of beneficial compounds and treatments (like cannabis and antineoplastons) in favor of synthetically produced drugs, which knowingly cause mass amounts of health problems, the corrupt Child Support system (and its destruction of lives and family in favor of wealth extraction), insurance company fraud, energy insufficiencies – the many ways natural (NOT alternative!) energies which could provide long term energy and financial relief for citizens is stifled in favor of wealth (and permitting all of the harmful pollutants, environmental damage, and waste), privatization of prisons, exploitation of poor countries, permitting the use of knowingly harmful products like alcohol & tobacco in favor of profits, govt. cahoots with banks and corporations for various schemes of wealth extraction and control, stifled technology in favor of obsolescence and waste, maintaining prohibition (in favor of wars, prisons, police, courts, judges, and taxes), Stifling the hemp industry (to maintain outdated methods of fuel use, plastics, textiles, food, etc.), Allowing misinformation in the media in favor of profits, Control of the food industry and allowing all of the hazardous methods of “food production” in favor of what? You guessed it PROFITS! – All have been responsible for the various detriments in society.

Whew! I know that was a lot, but you could go into each of those topics in depth and flesh out all of the ways of the current establishments institutional class-ism and propaganda have carried them through, but wealth extraction is always at the top of the list. The contrivance called money was created and has become distorted more and more by the money makers resulting in these issues. It’s bad enough people have been convinced to go to a job and accept much less than their actual worth in the company, but to find ways to manipulate the system to extract more from them is criminal… SO, the way to fund the plan I propose is by using the system against itself – take back the money that has been extracted from the “99%” and reinvest it in a new infrastructure for the planet.

First things to cut:

Federal Reserve – It boggles my mind how contrivances control the world. We find out that the Fed was created in some very shady, back door manor and we still allow it to exist? They’re gone – and the entire fund they’ve extracted over the years will be reallocated.

Federal Income Tax – Same as the FR, the public SHOULD know about the illegal income tax, that doesn’t pay for any infrastructure, is a voluntary tax, is not apportioned (redistributed equally), and that the 16th amendment did not change for the masses. Money that was collected from the public will finally be redistributed.

IRS – The goon squad, fear mongering, wealth extractors will have to go.

DEA – Drug use, or should I say abuse – is not a crime. No one should be told what to do in the privacy of their own home, as long as it does not harm or interfere with others. If someone abuses drugs, then better course of action is treatment and education. When I say education, I mean getting to the root cause of why people may abuse drugs and work to eliminate it as much as possible. Through my research, it seems that poverty, deprivation, and the stresses of getting by in life can make it very easy for people to resort to escapism in one way or another. It’s just a matter of moderation. The harder someone’s life may be, the more there is a chance someone could begin to abuse the altering of your body’s chemistry and consciousness. The way the system treats drugs in this day and age is anything but positive. DEA will be MIA in favor of education, treatment, and human rights. This would include releasing all restrictions on the studying and positive use of cannabis/cannabis hemp.

As a side note: We would have to look at what truly is a crime and what isn’t. With the ideas I have, murder, rape, and any type of harm from one person to another, would be considered a crime, but also added to that list would be exploitation and profiteering. As I said, personal choices in the privacy of your home - be it “drug” use, sexual orientation, religious practices - these are no one’s business but those who wish to live the way they do.

Wars – From military to drug – wars must be stopped in favor of reaching out, repairing relationships, creating a low stress environment, and providing necessities of life. All funds going towards science to hurt people will be reinvested in science to help people.

Restructuring of the FDA – We need this to be an organization that does not operate on the motive of profit, but making sure society is getting the best quality food, and safest most effective medicines. From my research, progress is stifled in favor of profits. This is very disturbing, particularly in recent research I’ve done about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and the stifling of his antineoplaston discoveries for cancer cures (same situation with Rick Simpson discovering multiple benefits of cannabis oil, like cancer curing properties)

Politics – Outdated method of trying to operate society. We do not need to give opinions to make a better planet, we need to be the self-correcting organisms that we are, and do away with old ideas that provably hold humans back, and not just Americans, but ALL people. We need to arrive at new ideas based on updated understandings, not the whims of a few people.

Child Support System – Gone forever! The gov’t has no business in family’s business. This absolute disgusting criminal institution that does nothing positive would be dismantled immediately. There are far better ways to handle family affairs, but our established system which likes to do things the outdated old fashioned way, likes to jail people, take away rights, and be one of the leading reasons for suicides. Actually criminal prosecution may have to take place in this instance. With what I’ve been through, what I’ve read others have been through, and the testimony of Family Court whistle-blowers, it appears this is one of the most corrupt and damaging parts of our system. The people who run this operation need to face criminal charges.

Debt forgiveness – All personal debt would have to go. A lot of reasons people go into debt, but through education, we would have to present examples of how this system is based on debt, so it’s very difficult to avoid. People need to begin to be freed of various stresses, and this is one that would have to go.

While discussing these things, I’d like to touch on crime – All people in prison for simple possession and moderated drug use would be released immediately. People who have serious addiction problems would be released to treatment centers (and these facilities need to be high end). People who have committed actual crimes against people would need to be re-evaluated. It seems through personal research that most people in jail for violent acts come from very harsh and difficult environments. After learning how this system works, one can see how these behaviors can manifest as well as spin out of control. The conclusion I have is that prison seems like the last type of environment you’d want to put a person from such a hard background. Prisons would need to be rebuilt as places of rehabilitation. If these people came from hard, ugly conditions, give them clean, mentally and physically healthier conditions to dispel the aberrations.

Let us not forget that is hasn’t just been money that has been taken, but many lives as well. So many have lost their lives due to wars, hate built from propaganda and conditioning, restricting things that can help people in favor of things that will hurt people, ridiculous laws and policies, and building a society around contrivances instead of reality. People have been manipulated, dumbed down, detached from real priorities, and forced / scared into maintaining this nonsense! Our council will not dumb people down, we will smarten them up! Tell the way things really are in the media, have no restrictions on media presented that were once looked at as “conspiracy theory” or “bad for America”. We want people to reach their full potential, be as creative as they can be, and contribute on a level they never dreamed possible... which brings me to work...

The goal is to free people from monotonous, boring, repetitive, mundane work. That idea can confuse people because they are told they are worthless, lazy, and ignorant for not submitting to a 'job' (which, a lot of times, IS the producer of ignorance and laziness). So as a transition step, the jobs will be in full supply as we need to rebuild our entire infrastructure. This includes all levels of production to create new methods of energy, transportation, housing, food cultivation, and healthcare that are that absolute highest efficiency and quality using sustainable methods. The key is to use all the money taken from the public and put it back into humans and the environment. We can work with economists/former economists on the best way to do this; they contrived many ways it can work for them, now let’s make it work for the masses (for a while). During the rebuilding of the infrastructure, education and awareness would be in full swing. We want to show that we don’t all have to be cogs on a wheel – we can all be Einstein’s, Davinci’s, and Fresco’s, but we have to be freed to do this. The new infrastructure would be created to basically run itself as much as possible so that humans can pursue new interests and more importantly, become better problem solvers.

In the meantime, people need help now. So, to start, a large portion of the funds collected back to the people will be divided to the public in the form of an annual salary. All adults would receive a “basics” salary to make sure you can attain basic needs. Tax money will only be collected based on purchases, not your income. That money would go right back to infrastructure and the people. The key is to get as many people eating and off the streets as much as possible, as well as free health care. We need to begin eliminating the basic stresses now so that all people can meet basic need fundamentals. Through education and awareness we could inspire people to be contributors and constructive in their own creative way. There would be no shortage of things to do and everyone working together could begin bringing the formerly vastly divided humans back together. This includes other countries.

I would want to reach out to anyone who also realizes that basic roots of our problems and begin building an infrastructure in their region that could provide for everyone and alleviate stress, poverty, and violence. It would be a more common ground approach – For example, for such and such group in whatever region did resort to violence to address certain situations, my approach would be more about – if we can get past small differences, address the issues that affect the masses, and work together to use our energies in building positive values and efficient, sustainable infrastructure, would you be willing to at least disarm? If not, call a cease fire and stop the killing/violence? As long as remain a military force that occupies countries to extract resources and land, we will not feel very invited. If we actually went in there with an army of engineers and scientists and started paving the roads, getting the clean water running, building efficient housing, etc., I think those people would have a little more confidence in our efforts.

These are just some of the ideas I have, but if we presented ideas like this to the public in a big way, and challenged the political establishment in the next election, we could at least create a huge wave of interest and a general knowledge that there is a group of people out there who are thinking deeply about these things and proposing ideas that are truly in the best interest of everyone, including the 1%. I will say that I had a few people in mind I’d like to reach out to for an effort like this if it was actually to go anywhere. I think people who come from a political or financial background could beneficial in bridging differences, helping communicate with the public. Aside from all of you on the TZM Network, I’d reach out to for a variety of reasons – Peter Joseph, Jacques & Roxanne @ TVP, Jesse Ventura, Gerald Celente, David Degraw, Max Keiser, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, Richard Wilkinson, Robert Sapolsky, Gabor Mate, Dr. Robert Melamide, Rick Simpson, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Raphael Mechoulam, Ben McCleish, Matt Berkowitz to name a few – I’m sure many of you have other people and organizations to bring into the mix. But you get the idea, bring together the people of various studies, and begin working towards phasing out money while increasing our technological understandings and production to create the abundance needed.

I’d love to hear any feedback on this; I’ve been speaking with a few friends already. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. As much as I’ve enjoyed venting on forums, hanging with activists, and watching the Occupiers begin a new awareness, nothing will work more than action. Besides civil disobedience, and mass non participation, running for office in this capacity may be our only chances… because I’m not seeing much change now with people sitting in tents, screaming at buildings, or “voting” politicians into office...



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