Resource Based Bus

It was Halloween and everyone going out to the nightclubs was dressed up. I was at the bus stop and I asked a group of seven people waiting there with me why everyone was dressed up in costumes, and they said it was for Halloween of course.

I replied with, "Hallo-what?" They repeated it with a confused expression on their face.

Then I responded with, "Ah, yes, now I recall, I do remember studying that. I forgot we used to do that. We don't celebrate that anymore where I come from."

They looked at me weird and responded with, "Wait, where are you from?" And I said, "Naah, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you."

I noticed one of them -an old woman - had a bag of groceries and I asked her, "Did you have to pay for that food?" She looked at me like I was crazy and replied with, "Young man, I wish I had an option. You must be from another planet!" And I replied with, "No Ma'am, I'm from earth, a future earth - but a near future - 2025, when we no longer ask, "How much will it cost to feed, house and clothe every human on earth?", but rather we ask, "Do we have the resources and technological capacity to take care of all humanity? And we do in the future."

Now of course they did not believe me, but one guy jokingly said, "That must be nice; wish we could live in a free world. Take me to the future. I hate being a slave to da dollar." And I replied with, "Wait, what year is it again? 2011, right? Well, you know, you do have the resources and technological capacity to make this future happen tomorrow. The future can come quicker, but that's up to you all."

I made note of the Occupy encampment within view a few blocks away and went on to tell them that more and more would begin gathering in the streets as months and years come to pass over a swelling realization that something is dreadfully rotten and that no matter who they elect, the decay will continue to spread. I went on to tell them how they too - eventually - will head to the protests with growing concern, and foretold that they along with many millions will begin talking about an idea called a Resource Based Economy, and society will begin to understand the potentials of this economic model - this tomorrow - and demand it in a global groundswell as an urgent necessity.

Six of us happened to be taking the same bus. I was the last to board the bus and walked right past the bus driver without paying the $1.10, and of course she reacted with, "What the hell are you doing walking on my bus without paying?” And to cause a commotion of curiosity I loudly replied, "Oh yeah, I forgot, you all still use money." Then, exactly as I anticipated, the other five started laughing and telling everyone else on the bus how I told them I'm from the future where everything is free.

During the ride I started talking to a young mother next to me, and she said she was feeling the future I was telling her about, and basically admitted money is the root cause to all her problems as she was barely keeping afloat with three kids.

Before I got off the bus I made sure to write The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus project on a piece of paper and put it in my wallet after I removed my license and "important" cards. When I got to my stop I tossed my wallet with about $50 on her lap and said, "Take it. I'm going back to the future and I won't need it anymore." I told her the information that the piece of paper will lead her to was far more valuable than the money, and that if I stunned her tonight, then learning about the potentials of tomorrow will stun her far, far more.


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