My Proposal for an RBE Game

I've been working for a while on this concept in my head.

After searching for other such proposals on the web for me to join in and share ideas, and being disappointed by what I found, I decided to start working on my own proposal from scratch.

I've gotten pretty far with the details of what I think should be in the game, but it does not go too much into specific implementation aspects, such as names of specific classes of buildings and robots, upgrade-routs, visual designs, etc. It's just the bare-bones skeleton of a game-concept.

My hopes are that other people would fill in the details, though I do plan to add some of my own.

Here is the link to the google-docs proposal:
Eco-CT | An RBE Game Proposal
(I've made it publicly editable, though you should use if for commenting also).

I would prefer if you refrain from commenting on specific text of the document here on this blog post - please comment within the document itself, so other people not of this forum may see them as well.

Please comment here with remarks regarding only the document or the project itself.

Also, visit the Facebook page for this initiative:
Eco-CT on Facebook


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