Occupy Global Flash Mob! Encourage others to join the fun of Occupy Events!

Some members of the Occupy Portland event are attempting to orchestrate a flash mob (possibly to the song "I will Survive" since it is well known and applies well to the theme) to promote the Occupy Together movements across the world. Could there be a funner way to advocate for human rights? Why not? Let's have some fun in light of some serious issues.

The goal is to encourage new people to come join the fun happening at Occupy events everywhere. Our hope is to collaborate with all of the chapters involved with both Occupy and Zeitgeist movements. What do you guys say? Maybe we could spell RBE at the end. It would be much appreciated help if any ZM members would help organize a flash mob in their area.

When we reach a larger number, we will vote on the song and date. First, I would like to see if we can get some global cooperation, and hold the first ever global flash mob. It's guaranteed to be fun at the least, but I would really like to show the side of Occupy that is bringing the community together, to work together and have fun securing a better future.

I would really love Zeitgeist support here, so that maybe we could use it to also promote the RBE. Check out the Portland site Occupy Portland Flash Mob https://www.facebook.com/groups/134210570018388/ or email me at jmewstn@aol.com. Thank you all for your wonderful work and taking the time to check this out. Have a good life :)

Jamey Weston