Zeitgeist Global Connect: Advance Notice of New Web Platform

Zeitgeist Global Connect is a new web platform being developed to harness the potential power of our distributed activist community by enabling communication and collaboration as a connected network of chapters, teams and individuals, in accordance with the aims and principles of the Zeitgeist Movement.

Project Outline

The Phoenix Team, part of the Global Development Team of the Zeitgeist Movement, is working to release a single, comprehensive web solution for all global and regional chapters, project teams and individual activists under the name of Zeitgeist Global Connect. This web platform will offer an array of key features that chapters and global teams have been requesting. Chapters and teams are of course free to continue with any other preferred web interface, but we think that this new service will prove a compelling choice for many.

The platform’s functionality is focused on the needs of the Movement as articulated through extensive consultation. We have compiled the initial set of features by considering what is currently being used by chapters and teams and, just as importantly, what is needed in order to administer internal operations more effectively in the future. This compilation is the final stage of a process which began with the consultation of many members via the (now defunct) global forum, wiki, TeamSpeak and Open Atrium platforms.

In particular, ZGC will provide a single, comprehensive solution for each chapter and project team to create and administer their own web portal; to channel the diverse skills, experience and commitment of members toward effectively coordinated projects, whether local, regional or global; whilst at the same time establishing more effective global connections with the rest of the Movement.

We are building an interconnected environment in which:

  • People can get engaged, joining one or more chapters or teams
  • Chapters have the necessary tools to manage and promote ongoing activities
  • Project teams and members can find each other, according to needs and available skills
  • Members can customize the pertinent information they receive generated by chapters and teams across the world, based upon their geographic location and chapter membership, and upon their interest in teams, projects and events.

ZGC will be implemented in clear steps. Our first goal is to release version 1.0 as soon as possible, so that chapters can start migrating over to the new system. Your feedback will then help determine progressive improvements and the implementation of additional functionality with relatively frequent upgrades.

As the platform continues to be developed, it will result in an all-encompassing communication hub, purposely designed for facilitating shared global activity and, ultimately, the establishment of a global resource-based economic system.

You can read more about the project and follow progress on our Atrium workspace.

Project Recruitment

Zeitgeist Global Connect is an ambitious project and, to successfully develop and administer the new platform, the team requires more active members. If you have any of the following skills and can donate some time we need to hear from you:

  • Coordination: project planning, analytical thinking, writing documents, communication
  • Graphic design: creative concept development, logo design
  • Information architecture: sitemaps, wireframes, use-cases, entity relationships, data- design, UML diagrams
  • Front-end development: HTML4/5, CSS2/3, Jquery, making static templates from Photoshop files, Flash AS3
  • Back-end programming: PHP
  • Drupal: theming, administration, PHP development
  • Security: firewalls, network, LAMP, PHP security
  • Database: mysql, writing custom SQL queries, making schemas, data migration, merging, remapping

If you can contribute, please register on the Atrium and post in a hello in the forum there. You can list your skills and join any pertinent team.

Thanks from the Phoenix Team!

We Love Earth


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