Marraskuu 2011

Go fight against malaria

As you might know members of the zeitgeist movement have been participating in volunteer computing projects (BOINC) for a while now. We helped advance science tremendously through our contribution along with millions of contributors all around the globe.

How Does Democracy Work in a Resource Based World Economy?

Democracy is a very active word now-a-days, mostly in The Occupy Movement. Due to the increase popularity of this word and the mass misunderstanding of it (even in circles of TVP and TZM supporters), I write this article to address what this looks like in a resource based world economic model.

Robots will steal your job, but that's OK: how to survive the economic collapse and be happy

You are about to become obsolete. You think you are special, unique, and that whatever it is that you are doing is impossible to replace. You are wrong. As we speak, millions of algorithms created by computer scientists are frantically running on servers all over the world, with one sole purpose: do whatever you used to do, but better.

That is the argument for a phenomenon called technological unemployment, one that is pervading modern society. But is that really the case? Or is it just a futuristic fantasy? What will become of us in the coming years, and what can we do to prevent a catastrophic collapse of society?

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Democracia Moderna

Sabemos que la democracia, como sistema socio-económico, fue pensada a finales del siglo XX como un sistema incluyente y participativo, con igualdad de oportunidades y que aparte se manifestara como un sistema que incentivaba la práctica de las libertades individuales como la máxima expresión del hombre; una estructura que, a través de la libre competencia propiciaría el crecimiento de la nación en un sentido económico y cultural.
Ante un imaginario así, ¿Quién pensaría que se convertiría en nuestra propia arma destructora?