Letter writing campaign to kickstart 2012

I recently launched a new Page on Facebook for the Zeitgeist UK writing campaign: http://www.facebook.com/groups/147352655376933/152031694909029/

This is the forum for co-coordinating the writing of letters to key individuals and Institutions across the UK. The aim is firstly to accumulate a library of standard letters which members can adapt and send to key people

- especially those in their local admin area. The letters deal not only with direct awareness-raising for the RBE, but various other related subjects as well.

Secondly, I hope that this group will serve as a basis for chapters to develop their own strategies for contacting different individuals/institutions, and using feedback from those exercises to build stories that will be of interest to local newspapers, Radio stations and social media.

I am currently focusing on the topic of local council's emergency planning departments - writing to them raising the question of their preparedness for a collapse of the monetary system. I am asking how the council aims to reassure the public and maintain order after the currency becomes useless. British Prime Minister David Cameron has launched an idea called the 'Big Society' - an unpaid volunteer force for tackling public duties that councils can no longer afford to pay for. Does the council already have a list of local volunteers in sufficient numbers to cope with such an event in our local area? And are they thoroughly briefed?

My own local council has so far not replied, and their silence is interesting.

My next step will be to write to regional managers of large Grocery stores. Do they have an agreed plan with local authorities on how to guarantee ongoing supplies of free food after the collapse - and avoid violent scenes of looting by panicking hoards who believe they must either stock up with food or face starvation? Does this plan of action also include all the other companies who are essential to their supply chain?

I would like to invite members across the globe to launch their own National Zeitgeist writing campaign pages, and share letters relevant to the institutions in their countries. Let's get writing...


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