Zeitgeist Media Festival Vancouver

A look at the Vancouver Zeitgeist Media Festival!

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The two day event started with our attendance to the Davie Day Festival on Saturday September 10th. This was our 3rd year attending this massive event!

We Are Not a Club

We Are Not a Club

We are not a club.... we are not looking for club members.
Or.... now you started your chapter.... what next?

As this question has come up quite a bit I felt that I would try to address it. Actually, it is probably one of the most asked questions.

A Different Look at the Ballot

A train of thought transmits upon those who believe in it its explicit and implicit ideas. The first are the main characteristics which define most of the ideology and are normally static. These concepts are the ones upon all the members agree in order to be apart of a given organization. The implicit ideas though, develop naturally from the main premises but vary according to the individual.

Survey The People

I recently took a job with a company that does surveys over the phone. We call people and ask them if they care to take a short survey--sometimes they are political sometimes they are public opinion and sometimes they have been regarding an issue in the news--maybe even a specific company and their reputation.

Lessons From a Moneyless Life

In early 2009 I saw ”Zeitgeist: Addendum”. It was the first time I really understood how the money system works - that every cent in my wallet is someone else's debt. It posed a moral dilemma. I didn't want my success make others fail. I wanted to give up using money altogether.

Joe Gosling on Sheffieldlive.org (UK) Community Radio 93.2FM

Joseph Gosling from TZMUK appeared on a local Sheffield Community Radio Station, Sheffield Live 93.2 FM, on Oct 26, 2011, to talk about The Zeitgeist Movement and related issues.

Listen to the cut version (without music) here.

A Clash of Ideas

In Psychology there is a concept referred to as cognitive dissonance which alludes to the «tension or internal discord of the belief system that someone perceives while holding two conflicting ideas all at once.» That is, holding two antithetical ideas simultaneously.

The Most Significant Discovery in Cancer Treatment - the U.S. Response

In the United States the decision of the type of cancer treatment you are about to receive is not always yours. The decision of undergoing that treatment - or choosing not to - is yours.

With friends like TVs, who needs enemies?

The story of how I went from enjoying TV to being disguised by it and why...