A Critical View of Advertising

Give in or Move On

We have been told countless times throughout our lives that money can’t buy happiness; but to advertisers, you must spend money in order to be content with your life. Contrary to the dreamy, exciting, and sensual images in advertising, the incentives for businesses is not to make consumers feel secure and content with themselves, but to make them feel incomplete and in need of a product.

#OccupyWallStreet - Lessons of the first 10 days

During the first 12 days of the #OccupyWallStreet protests, my family had the flu.

My wife was laid out during the first week and got sidetracked during the second week. It was rough for me, as I was unable to go to to NYC to show support the way I had wanted too. So, instead, I did what the press was not doing, I reported on it. How? From my couch!

"Wickedness in high places"

The reasons for the global protests that political and financial high circles are facing right now should be obvious for anyone who bothers to pay attention to the state of the world. They don't need to be repeated. However, there is a question I cannot avoid approaching: self-criticism.

Non-Violence and the Quest for Freedom Everywhere

I think by now, it is commonly observed that a crisis in economic inequality dominates the current global arena. This crisis has been precipitated by two factors: the first being the natural tendency of current established monetary structures to restrict and inhibit change, growth, and personal freedom... established structures that, when looked at objectively, serve little purpose other than contributing to the growing wealth gap - operating in complete disregard for human sustainability. The second factor is the start of a radical change in the Human’s evaluation of them.

How to address the "Incentive to Work" question...

One of the fundamental social attachments to the monetary system is the inherent belief that money is the core incentive for progress and is why people work in general, which holds merit under a monetary system.

But what about under a Resource Based Economy? What motives will people have to help/work on social and economic betterment under a Resource Based Economy?

Occupy Global Flash Mob! Encourage others to join the fun of Occupy Events!

Some members of the Occupy Portland event are attempting to orchestrate a flash mob (possibly to the song "I will Survive" since it is well known and applies well to the theme) to promote the Occupy Together movements across the world. Could there be a funner way to advocate for human rights? Why not? Let's have some fun in light of some serious issues.

The hardest question is: "What do you want?"

Pick almost any activist at random and ask: “What do you want the ideal society to be?” and the likely answer will be a list of what he or she doesn’t want. Here are some responses I’ve been getting to this question:

• I want the banks to stop screwing us over!
• I want to see those corrupt politicians in jail
• I want the government to stop cutting public services

Social Awakening

Social Awakening

“No country can be well governed unless it’s citizens as a body keep religiously before their minds that they are the guardians of the law and that the law officers are only the machinery for its execution, they are nothing more”. – Mark Twain

Breaking news! Occupy Detroit is in trouble!

Breaking News! Occupy Detroit is in trouble.

The media department at Occupy Detroit has just released word that Detroit's Mayor David Bing has had signs posted stating that Grand Circus Park, the staging point for Occupy Detroit will be closed at 10PM, and that any violators of this will be ticketed. Word has recently been received that all of the Occupy Campers in Detroit will be forcibly removed by Monday if they do not leave the park. Occupy Detroit's legal team has called an emergency General Assembly meeting to decide how the group will react to this situation.

The False Left-Right Paradigm vs. A Resource-Based Economy

The False Left-Right Paradigm vs. A Resource-Based Economy

Those who criticize the so-called “capitalist” economic ideal are often pejoratively branded as “socialist” or “communist”, as though these were the only alternatives to an unregulated free market. This assumes that the only options for societal operation exist within a restricted political paradigm, somewhere between “left” and “right” wing. A Resource-Based Economy (RBE) shatters this narrow frame of reference to far extend the perspective of how Socio-Economics can be defined.

First, some definitions: