Lessons From a Moneyless Life

In early 2009 I saw ”Zeitgeist: Addendum”. It was the first time I really understood how the money system works - that every cent in my wallet is someone else's debt. It posed a moral dilemma. I didn't want my success make others fail. I wanted to give up using money altogether.

Joe Gosling on Sheffieldlive.org (UK) Community Radio 93.2FM

Joseph Gosling from TZMUK appeared on a local Sheffield Community Radio Station, Sheffield Live 93.2 FM, on Oct 26, 2011, to talk about The Zeitgeist Movement and related issues.

Listen to the cut version (without music) here.

A Clash of Ideas

In Psychology there is a concept referred to as cognitive dissonance which alludes to the «tension or internal discord of the belief system that someone perceives while holding two conflicting ideas all at once.» That is, holding two antithetical ideas simultaneously.

The Most Significant Discovery in Cancer Treatment - the U.S. Response

In the United States the decision of the type of cancer treatment you are about to receive is not always yours. The decision of undergoing that treatment - or choosing not to - is yours.

With friends like TVs, who needs enemies?

The story of how I went from enjoying TV to being disguised by it and why...

A Global Public School System

“The engine of life is linkage. Everything is linked. Nothing is self-sufficient. Water and air are inseparable, united in life, and for our life on earth. Sharing is everything.”HOME directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, narrated by Glenn Close


OWS, Anonymous, and MoveOn Sponsoring a Bank Transfer Day

Prepare Yourselves.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement, as well as MoveOn.org and computer hacker collective Anonymous have joined in a call to make this fifth of November very memorable. They have put out the message for people to leave large banking institutions in favor of the smaller and more democratic Credit Unions.

While on the surface this call to action could just be seen as a simple protest, it could have far reaching and important ramifications, globally, very quickly.

My Theory about Money and Freedom

We’ve all heard the question before:

“Does money bring happiness?”

And we’ve all heard the various answers. We’ve heard of millionaires being miserable, we’ve heard of people with nothing being incredibly happy and on the other side we see happy wealthy people with wealth in all areas of their life, and people who are so poor they suffer endlessly because of it.

Day -Z-

Day -Z- is a very simple activism tool that has the potential to be extremely effective! The first day of every month (Day -Z-) will be a strategic day for chapters around to world to visually promote The Zeitgeist Movement. As more and more people participate, and share images of their participation online, the effect could be quite profound!