Strategic Mass DVD Distribution Plan - The worlds first viral DVD?

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Communicating the ideals of TZM is not something easily brought up in discussion, especially with people who haven’t seen Zeitgeist: Moving Forward or Addendum. For some people it may be difficult to articulate the logic of a RBE through conversation. It’s not that the idea of an RBE is complex or irrational it is that it is so simple and rational that some people find it difficult to comprehend such a reality in our conditioned culture which accepts current complexities, inefficiencies, institutions and values as unchangeable static norms. People often dismiss and undermine TZM ideals because their perceptions are based on narrow frames of reference based on pre-existing political and cultural ideals and the distorted perception that money has value in our physical reality when in fact the only value money has is in our imagination and the artificial value is reinforced by culture.

Because of this hurdle of communication, I think it is very important that as many people are exposed to media related to TZM as possible, especially (at this stage) Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. Media has the ability to effectively communicate ideas that are contrary to people’s understandings and beliefs far more effectively than discussion. Films are more compelling and engage viewers on multiple levels, but the best part is they can be duplicated thus making them very time efficient and consistent in their message.

Hopefully more exposure will allow more people to realize the broader picture of global problems and hence be more accepting and interested in realizing a RBE / applying the scientific method to social concern. For this reason I am proposing an organized system of creating mass awareness to The Zeitgeist Movement through mass distribution of relevant media, at this stage prioritizing Zeitgeist: Moving Forward / Zeitgeist: Addendum. An ongoing idea I have previously proposed is mass simultaneous uploads of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward on social networking pages on the first day of each and every month. After simply a few Facebook shares in late November 2011 this idea proved effective on December 1st 2011 with an increase of 25,000 views in comparison to the standard increase in daily views.

Unfortunately the success could not be tracked on the 1st of January 2012 due to the failure of the statistics display on You-tube in late December / early Jan. Please see the following page for more information on this proposal.

However web views only reach a select demographic. From my experience of trying to get people interested in TZM I have found that many people who have heard of the movies still have not seen Zeitgeist: Moving Forward or Addendum because of the following reasons:

• Many people don’t want to sit in front of a desktop computer for two and a half hours.
• Many people don’t have sufficient internet access.
• Many people don’t have a usable PC.
• Many people don’t even consider watching things that aren’t broadcast on TV or sold in retail outlets.
• Many people just forget / are not interested in looking it up on their own accordance.

It is for these reasons that the mass distribution of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward / Addendum on DVD is equally if not more important than creating more web views in the interest of creating a wider awareness to TZM. I’m not sure about the other specific chapter websites, but the Australian chapter has a link where people can buy large quantities of TZM related media on DVD for a very cheap price (Nonprofit @ 35c per DVD). This cheap and easy access to bulk quantities of DVDs could be very useful to all chapters across the world if properly utilized.

So how can chapters utilize DVD distribution as a tool for creating mass public awareness more efficiently? Well, the answer is simple. We put our philosophies to practice through resource accounting and strategic design, the more important of the two being the latter because it is in the strategic design of the DVD cover and DVD burning webpage that allows resources to be accounted for and utilized most efficiently.

DVD Cover Design

Chapters may have multiple cover designs to choose from, but the most important things to consider from an efficiency standpoint when choosing the default design are:

Is the DVD cover design efficient for serving its function of creating awareness to TZM?

In other words, does the DVD design link viewers to related websites and social networking pages so they can easily learn more about TZM if they are interested?

Perhaps MOST importantly, in terms of the functionality of the DVD cover design you must consider:

Does the DVD cover design encourage its own duplication and distribution and provide links to the local chapter DVD burning webpage?

Remember we want the DVDs to go “viral” in physical form, which isn’t as difficult as it sounds. If chapters sell DVDs in lots of say 100 (charged at 35c each = $35) then you only need on average 1% of the DVD viewers to order 100 copies from the service provided on the DVD cover. If your Chapter doesn’t have a DVD cover design with these attributes you may want to consider designing one yourself or using one of the stencils provided below, just add your nearest DVD burning service web page link in the space provided (also available from and “zeitgeist mass awareness plan” on Facebook).

Web design
Once viewers are linked to your local chapters DVD burning service site you should consider the following:

Are multiple compilations offered to offer a wider variety of TZM related material?
Remember the efficiency of the DVD resource will be increased depending on the quality and quantity of relevant material on each DVD. I personally encourage double features of Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist Moving Forward as the priority compilation at this point in time, possibly accompanied with an introduction to a resource based economy lecture
Or handout

Is it easy, clear and affordable for users to purchase large quantities of DVD compilations and have them sent to their address?

Are multiple payment options offered? E.g. PAYPAL, direct debit, cash upon pick up etc.

Are distribution services offered? E.g. instead of having bulk DVDs sent to a singular address can DVDs be sent individually to be dispersed throughout specific suburbs, and accounted for accordingly? This method would allow for efficient resource allocation / tracking and would be more time efficient than people doing it independently. Remember we are trying to move into a collaborative system!

Are distribution methods recorded? E.g. Are purchasers asked how they intend to distribute DVDs ie. Suburb dispersion, Letterbox drop, public handouts, public events etc. This would allow for a higher level of collaboration.

Are distribution methods suggested? E.g. working in partnership with local DVD rental / retail outlets (by providing them with bulk lots of DVDs to distribute to their customers as gifts). Remember to be creative with your distribution ideas.

Are related services provided? E.g. Distribution services, resource accounting services (so participants can record specifics on where they are allocating their resources), printing services for related handouts, posters, stickers, business cards etc.

Can users contact website administrators directly for questions or customized requests?

I’m sure you can think of a few more yourself. I think a large scale collaborative DVD distribution web page on the global site taking into account the previous considerations could be an aim for web designers. This way sub chapters could collaborate and share information more efficiently. It could in a sense be a small scale example of how a global RBE could be put into practice. Who knows, maybe a few years down the road this is how everyone in the world will obtain copies of DVDs in a RBE. But it is up to you to make this happen.

So don’t be shy, let’s take advantage of copyrighted material that encourages duplication. And if you feel bad for getting DVDs for 35c each just donate or go buy a copy from the official movie site to support the films.

Yes- please do. While we will shut down any piracy that sells the films (it is fully copyright), we encourage everyone to duplicate it at will for non-monetary distribution. Also, public access showings and the like do not require any approval from us- just do it!

Don’t forget to like “zeitgeist mass awareness plan” on Facebook for the collaboration and execution of ideas that promote TZM to the general public.


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Please keep doing it on your own axxord, it's a global project and every chapter should have a DVD burning service and distribution options online. I also invite you to the Z-Day Australia 2012 DVD Drive, please share.

Z-Day Australia DVD Drive

Z- Day is coming up in mid-March and Australia has big plans to generate public awareness towards The Zeitgeist Movement, but we will need help from our international neighbors. Remember this is a global movement, so although you may not live in Australia your contribution will still be equally as valuable to the progress of the movement.

Z-Day Australia 2012 project aim: We want every residential property in the country to receive a DVD containing TZM related material around mid-March.

At only (AU) 35c per DVD the efficiency of a RBE is already obvious, which is why we are asking you to please purchase as many DVDs as you can to be distributed to the general Australian public in mid-March. Just follow the steps according to this page on the following link

Step 1 – write your name and email and type “distribution” in the postal address section. Please note: You will not receive the DVDs with this option; they will automatically be dispersed via Australia Post unaddressed mail services through the state of your choice in the dropdown menu. SA will be the default state because the DVD burning service is based there so it is more efficient, but you can still select another state.

Step 2 – Select: Zeitgeist Addendum + Moving Forward (lower quality double Compilation) or Zeitgeist Moving Forward for higher quality resolution (these options are recommended but not compulsory).Once the compilation option is selected type in your desired quantity.

Step 3 – Only PayPal or Direct Debit can be selected for the distribution service.
Please note although you will not receive the DVDs you will still be charged postage for the unaddressed mail services provided through Australia Post organized through TZM Australia.

Type in any other information RE: the services then click “SUBMIT” down the bottom of the page.

Done! The next step will be to wait for the public response, which will surely be interesting! All DVDs will link viewers to TZM related material and back to the DVD burning website through the cover design which you can view on the Facebook page “zeitgeist mass awareness plan” or the following link.

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