Infinite Unfolding

I teach yoga. I decided to take a certification program 6 years ago when an inner voice inspired me to do so. During this yogic journey, life is evolving rapidly for me. At the onset of studying "yoga" I had no idea what this practice even was, aside from a story I read telling about its beginnings and purpose. My yogic path underwent several phases; misunderstanding, egoic desire, confusion, amazement, courage, compassion, and finally empowerment. As I continue to study tantric philosophy, I am beginning to recognize how freedom is really the only thing that Exists.

I've always known that money was the root of all bondage. That was innate. But I felt very isolated in this understanding. So finding the Zeitgeist Movement encouraged me that I'm not just idealistically crazy, though I've been told so by the sleep-walking others.

I've come to realize that there's only service to Self, or service to other-Self (I'm a Law of One reader). So my ideas about teaching yoga are now about how to share what I "know" with others. So I named my class "Infinite Unfolding" and my class always begins with an inquiry about ultimate Absolute Truth. Inspiration comes from infinite Sources, but recently the Zeitgeist Movement blogs, films, articles have really spoken deeply to me about freedom, and I've focused on that a lot recently. When I initiate the inquiry, "How are we still enslaved?" I hope to create a desire to look deeply at all the ways in which we've been blindly conditioned to think we're really free. And of course, even though ultimately we Are freedom itself, we've forgotten.

I hope in some way my very small contribution to this Movement will inspire my other-Selves to look deeply at Life. It takes courage to break free of our conditioned beliefs, and only then can we move to the level of the heart. I'm still working to remember that…each moment…each breath.

To all the awakened other-Selves, thank you for giving me inspiration.



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