What Could This Be?

Help me to find out what this is.

Victor Hugo once remarked: “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”

I have seen an idea whose time has come, but it seems to be buried in this YouTube video titled only as the "Mysterious anonymous movie trailer".

Art, music and film has not changed much in my eyes, except to simply entertain us and has unfortunately "amused us to death", with the exception of Zeitgeist films and some other really great documentaries that really let you know what is going on behind the curtains.

I was forwarded this "Mysterious anonymous movie" film trailer last week, and I have diligently tried to find out more about this powerful film that may exist.
Every-time I watch it and listen to the words, the characters, the music, it haunts me in my deepest being, and I can't help wonder why would anyone want to make something so profound and powerful and reveal no credits of production, or anything at all for that matter about the film?

Someone told me once that when you have created something truly profound and original and when that art, music, or film, piece is not "ready for the world" to receive its' message that sometimes the artist does not want the world to see or hear their message and I was wondering if that would be the case in this extraordinary piece of work.

I love film, and although I am not a filmmaker I do appreciate a great film when I see one. For many years however, I have felt dismayed at Hollywood clichés, and even the so called Indy films that are so artsy, they don't even have a message.

In the world we are living in today, I think it is time to stop the "entertainment"; I, personally, have had enough of it. That is why I am joining one of the most credible - and from what I can tell - honest groups of people committed to change the world, and wanted to share this link to try and find out more.

I would love for films to resonate this type of message to the masses, however it would need distributors to get on board; I am sure that is why you don't and can't see Zeitgeist Movie series in the major movie theaters.

I don't know much about politics; the intricate details and the complicated bureaucracy that one must go through to actually make changes in this world, but I know as a person who loves music and art, this film - that reveals a very raw, simple and powerful truth in its delivery and intent - could reach many people.

I hope that someone here will know and others will feel as I did when I saw this, and somehow let the people who made this film know that there is an audience for this type of film-making.

I don't know much more about it, there is not much more to know; I just love it enough to share it amongst people who may understand it and find out more.


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