About Shultz’s Guest House

Shultz’s Guest House is a 501c3 dog rescue shelter, located on 200 private acres in Dedham, MA. It’s hard to imagine that such a place exists for homeless dogs, but it does! Surrounded by forests, ponds, with the Charles River running through it, dogs and visitors have a sense of stepping into paradise.

Our mission is to provide rescue for lost, homeless and abandoned dogs in the southern part of the country, where both veterinary care remains commonly unaffordable and animal protection laws remain dormant; to provide for the medical care, sheltering, and transport of such dogs to our Dedham, MA facility, where we can further manage their healthcare, provide socialization, introduce human trust, and promote spaying/neutering as a means to end the suffering of pet overpopulation and unwanted dogs; and to focus on adoption of healthy puppies and dogs into loving, forever homes.

Our shelter is also a private quarantine facility, fully licensed by the state of Massachusetts. We have accommodations for up to 80 dogs. SGH provides its dogs with comfortable ‘guest’ accommodations in our state-of-the-art shelter facility. Each dog has access to large outdoor play yards, fully and daily monitored by our staff of dedicated volunteers, who provide daily stimulation within a structured schedule – and a lot of attention and love! We believe that allowing a dog to thrive in this quiet, stress free and natural setting, helps the transition into a permanent home, a smooth and happy experience for all!

Even our volunteers, from all walks of life and professions, say Shultz’s Guest House, surrounded by nature’s healing powers, is good medicine for the soul. Imagine how the dogs feel!

video preview(video & principal site photos: Lucy Cobos Photography)

A Dog’s New Life Begins at Shultz’s Guest House